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With the rapid development of the city, there are more and more high buildings and communities,and the sales volume of elevator manufacturing industry are gradually improved. Domestic elevator market sales are increasing by 20% annually. So which kinds of manufacturing methods are used to process such a large elevator? Here we'll introduce the origin of laser cutting machine and elevator industry.

In the early days, people have realized the importance of flexible laser cutting processing method. The CO2 laser cutting machine is the earliest equipment used in elevator industry. However, with the rapid development of elevator industry, the high cost and complicated debugging of CO2 laser cutting machine can't kept pace with the development of elevator industry. With the development of laser technology, the emergence of fiber laser cutting machine gradually replaced CO2 laser processing.

As is known to all, elevator manufacturing is mainly based on 3 mm stainless steel. In order to ensure the smoothness of the stainless steel plate in the process of processing, the stainless steel is mostly single sided with film, which brings a certain difficulty to the traditional way of processing. So what are the advantages of the elevator processed by fiber laser cutting machine?

1. Flexible processing and low cost: the elevator is basically a small mass customization product, and the interior decoration varies widely. There are many kinds of elevator sheet metal parts, and the development of the elevator industry is restricted by the long period application of the traditional processing methods. The advantages of flexible processing of fiber laser cutting machine reduces the cost of product development.

2. High processing efficiency and high quality: the fiber laser cutting machine can not only cut sheet metal materials, film materials, mirror materials, but also can cut all kinds of complex zero components. And the cutting speed is very fast, which improve the processing efficiency, in addition, non-contact optical fiber laser processing method avoids the deformation during the cutting process, which improves the elevator quality, lifts the product level, and develops the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

3. Intelligent processing and high qualified rate: the fiber laser cutting machine is automatic and intelligent, and can handle various production tasks flexibly. All these advantages effectively reduce the labor intensity, optimizes the production process, and improves the automation level of production management in elevator manufacturing workshops.
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