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Can a Digital Hydraulic Cylinder be Used on a CNC Bending Machine? - 翻译中... Can a Digital Hydraulic Cylinder be Used on a CNC Bending Machine? - 翻译中...

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The CNC plate bending machine is a universal bending machine for sheet metal processing. When GLMDA produces this special equipment, the proportional control valve is used to control the hydraulic cylinder synchronously, so as to achieve the purpose of synchronous control of the hydraulic system. That is what we usually call a current servo CNC bending machine.

The hydraulic synchronous control system of CNC bending machine is to use the proportional valve to control the form of the ordinary hydraulic cylinder to realize the synchronous expansion of the two output hydraulic cylinders of the bending machine. The hydraulic control system can control the output of the oil fluid according to the received output signal and control the synchronous expansion of the two output hydraulic cylinders in the system. This process is a hydraulic synchronous control system that drives the synchronous linear motion of two hydraulic cylinders to ensure the accuracy of the workpiece. The crossbeam of the CNC bending machine and the upper pressing mould mounted on the lower end of the beam are moving at different speeds in each stage of the bending machine's working process. The bending precision of this CNC bending machine is higher than that of ordinary twisted axis. But in the development of society, the accuracy and efficiency of people's folding machines are increasingly demanding, so we should both be grounded and look up at the stars. Therefore, we consider that this control should be improved in terms of the number of links, the number of valve parts, the high cost, the complexity of the structure and the difficulty of controlling it.

Can the digital hydraulic cylinder be used to improve the production efficiency, control precision and product quality of the existing CNC bending machine?

First come to know what a digital hydraulic cylinder is.


The digital hydraulic cylinder has high precision hydraulic cylinder composed of servo motor, hydraulic slide valve, hydraulic cylinder, transmission mechanism and sensor. It uses ball screw for precise position control of the valve core of the hydraulic slide valve. The controller changes the size of the opening of the slide valve by changing the frequency of the pulse, thus controlling the speed of the piston of the hydraulic cylinder.

The digital hydraulic cylinder only needs to control the step motor to realize the precise control of the hydraulic cylinder, so that the structure of the whole hydraulic control system is simplified to the maximum limit.

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