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The Hydraulic Machine has Several Advantages over Other Mechanical Press - 翻译中... The Hydraulic Machine has Several Advantages over Other Mechanical Press - 翻译中...

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1. It is easy to get maximum pressure

Because the hydraulic press operates with hydraulic static pressure, so its working power equipment can be respectively decorated, which can work with the multi-cylinder joints.

2. It is easy to get a great work process

The hydraulic machine can take the full pressure in any position of the stroke. In this aspect, it is very convenient for the process of requiring long working process (such as deep drawing depth), as well as the installation of mould, preloading, sub-loading or failure.

3. It is easy to get large workspace

Because it does not have a large mechanical transmission mechanism, and the working cylinder can be arranged arbitrarily. So the work space is larger and more convenient to organize automatic production line.

4. Pressure and speed can be adjusted without grade

Pressure and speed can be easily adjusted in a wide range, and three cylinder hydraulic presses can easily get three levels of different pressure. If the high-pressure liquid is passed into the middle working cylinder, and the first pressure is obtained. The secondary pressure is obtained through the two working cylinders.

It can be a long period of pressure on a certain stroke according to the process requirement. Reliable control of hydraulic pressure can prevent overload. In addition, it is also convenient for speed adjustment, such as the slow - speed of the move to avoid impact.

5. Standardization of hydraulic components

The hydraulic components have been used, standardized and serialized, which are convenient for the design and manufacture of hydraulic presses and convenient for hydraulic operation, so as to realize remote control and automation. Hydraulic press has many advantages, but there are some disadvantages. The main problems existing as follows.

(1) Due to the high pressure liquid as working medium (machine oil or emulsion), thus for the accuracy requirement of the hydraulic components, high structure is more complex, and the adjustment of the machine maintenance is difficult. But leakage of liquid are still hard to be avoided. Not only work environment is polluted, wasting oil pressure. When it is applied in the thermal field the danger of fire will be caused.

(2) The liquid flow has a pressure loss, so the efficiency is lower. Because hydraulic press has many advantages, it is widely used in industrial production.
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