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We have discussed about the price of plate bending machine before. Recently I met several situation like this: Clients complaint “Your price is much higher than others!” I usually asked them to tell me about the price from other competitors and just found a poor sign------ some factories like offering smaller size to customer, so that the price is relatively lower than ours.

So why they can do that?

In fact, there are various factors to confirm tonnage, like bending radius, material and size of plate, size and shape of mold and so on. Each time GLDMA technician will talk with clients before preparing quotation, just to want to figure out the demands of plate bending. Material, max thickness and max width of the plate, these can influence the tonnage and work table of press brake machine (it's same with plate shears). You can find there will be a list of plate bending pressure on the machine structure.

Hydraulic press brake tonnage calculation 1

There is a formula on it which shows how to calculate the pressure, and “V” is a key point. If we make the “V”-- the width of bottom mold --- larger, the bending pressure can be smaller. This is the reason that some factory can offer a smaller tonnage to customer, and they only need to make the mouth of lower mold “open hard” .

Hydraulic press brake tonnage calculation 2

Hydraulic press brake tonnage calculation 3

Hydraulic press brake tonnage calculation 4

However, freely amending the width of lower molds is not responsible to clients, because this will shorten the life span of press brake. Even though adjusting the mold, the machine is still in a situation of overloading, and the structure of machine stands high strength.

As the industry moves forward, the bending parts are becoming more precise and complicated. High accuracy and efficiency is much more important, that is why choosing suitable tonnage of machine is basic point, not the price. GLDMA machines are getting more sophisticated, and, as such, there is a real need to be much more precise in our service.
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