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Opportunities For The Laser Industry Under The National Strategy - 翻译中... Opportunities For The Laser Industry Under The National Strategy - 翻译中...

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Opening the map of the world, we can see that from the east Asia Pacific economic circle begins, through the Eurasian continent, the region of the European economic circle. One band formed in this region is the radiation range of the "One Belt And One Road" initiative of China. "One Belt And One Road" as China's new international strategic framework will bring multiple opportunities to economic and industrial development everywhere. Its strategic vision can be divided into two levels: "infrastructure interconnection, financial interconnection, industrial docking and resource introduction". The forwards are committed to "trade and cultural exchanges, regional economic integration and common prosperity".

Infrastructure connectivity is a priority area for "One Belt And One Road". The mature Chinese high-speed rail technology is once again in its glory. Laser processing technology is the most important manufacturing technique in orbit manufacturing industry. It plays an important role in the improvement of the technology of orbital manufacturing. The rapid development of China's high-speed railway has also provided a huge potential market for laser processing. The application of laser cutting materials and welding technology has also brought the technology of track vehicle manufacturing to a new era.

At present, China's rail transit is facing the situation of developing high speed passenger cars, subway buses, light rail cars and high speed loading trucks. The light weight of the train is the first choice to improve the train speed. The aluminum alloy has the advantages of light quality, corrosion resistance, good appearance, easy to make complicated surface and higher strength than strength. The aluminum alloy can reduce the resistance in operation, reduce energy consumption and load. Therefore, the railway transportation industry in the world has developed vigorously.The body and bogie are important components of high-speed trains. Its quality affects the safety of the entire high-speed train. With the rapid development of China's high-speed railway, the body materials are also developed from ordinary alloy steel materials to stainless steel and aluminum alloy profiles. The change of materials also led to the improvement of processing technology. The advanced technology of laser cutting and laser welding is also introduced into the production line of railway vehicles.

Application of laser cutting machine

At present, laser technology is mainly used in the field of rail vehicle manufacturing, which is mainly used in plate and section material, key parts welding, automatic production line material transportation and identification and transplantation. The steel structure of the locomotive contains about 20% ~ 30% of the foreign elements. In particular, the parts of locomotive driver's room and car body auxiliary device are suitable for selecting laser material. Laser cutting machine is easy to realize cutting process control automation, which can greatly shorten production cycle and reduce manufacturing cost and improve product quality. Now it is partially replaced by stamping process and machining process. GLDMA offers quality CNC fiber laser cutting machine for sale with competitive price.

Application of laser marking machine

The application of laser technology in the field of rail vehicle manufacturing is not only used as cutting energy for cutting and welding for key components, but also for other applications. For example, the laser scanning and tracking system is a key device for positioning and tracking in automatic welding equipment. In the quality control system, the micro-mark and barcode management system are introduced, and the laser marking machine is used to code the parts with a depth of 0.1mm. This paper is used to realize the identification of raw information of steel plate materials and the name of parts and code of code. Through effective management, the whole process quality tracking can be realized and the quality management level can be improved.

Survive with quality, develop with technology. High energy laser is one of the earliest brand manufacturers of laser equipment in China. With 18 years of laser technology accumulation, our company fully optimized the performance of 500w-8kw fiber laser cutting machine. We upgrade the basic configuration of the whole machine, improve the product quality and service life, and ensure high quality and efficient cutting ability. Now, it is stable cutting of medium thin plate within the thickness of 0.5mm- 30mm. At present, our equipment is widely used in sheet metal processing, advertising production, machinery manufacturing, furniture appliances, Marine cars, environmental protection equipment and other industries.

Application of laser welding machine

The first requirement of rail locomotive body is firm, high precision, stable quality and exquisite appearance. The metal materials used can meet the strength of the body, and have anti-collision, durability, fire protection and reproducibility. The stainless steel vehicles are characterized by good impact absorption characteristics, fire safety, lightweight and low maintenance cost. It has become one of the important development directions. Although the welding performance of stainless steel is excellent, the stainless steel body is prone to heat distortion compared with ordinary carbon steel body. Therefore, low thermal input, non-contact type, continuous welding of laser welding is an ideal welding method.

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